Historical centre guide

The route starts from the ciry entry on a Mateotti street passing the Perugia town-hall. Excursion continues across the fourty martyrs tomb, created by architect Pietro in memory of fourty heroes who have patriotically sttruggled and were killed brutally by Nazi 22th of June 1944.

Going forward by the Mateotti street and walk into the Fourty Martyrs square where we can admire splendid view of the main city monuments.

From the left side of the square we can see Saint Franchesco church.

From the square we are pulling into the Republic street. From here across the Baldassini street a part of town council can be seen as well as the sustaing arcs by Gattapone on the Signoria square. Here you can also see close-up a wonderful dei Consoli Palace.

Retracing our step and follow the Lucarelli street which is crossed by a broad front stairs. Across the Consoli street to the right homonymous palace is situated which borders the Largo delli Bardgello square, decorated with fountain and after which you can admire the beautiful Bardgello palace of the XIIIth century. Our route continues and we are turning left to the Giordano Bruno square where Saint Domenico church dominates.

If you take road down to Gabrielli street then across Capitano del Popolo street you can attend homonymous palace. Going back to Consoli street which leads to Consoli street and then to Galeotti and Dukale streets. Then turn back to the Sain Ubaldo street where we can admire cathedral view and also duke castle named la Corte.  From Dukale street we reach 20 september street and turn right to the Mestro Georgio street to take to Savelli della Porte street where Saint Maria Nuova church domnates.